About Fawn Yacker


I am a retired filmmaker whose credits in cinematography include Academy Award winning documentaries, as well as directorial credits for award winning documentaries, narrative films and videos. My last project, fortuitously entitled – The Last Closet – was a web campaign to help end homophobia in men’s professional sports. The two year project,  supported by Nike and several cities around the country, succeeded in beginning the conversation and celebrated as two athletes from major sports came out. It was time for a reprieve of sorts. 

Remembering the total satisfaction of handling clay in college, I decided to take a ceramic class. It was now 2013. Forty years had passed and it was love (again) at first squeeze. Since then I have had the good fortune to hone my skills with – Susan Hontalas at Terra Linda Ceramics; Bill Abright, Jason Dunn, Logan Wood, Allan Widenhofer and Brian Young at College of Marin; as well as study with various artists in workshops around the country and abroad. 

On a personal note, there has been an internal struggle regarding the making of “things”. I think to myself as I make yet another mug, or bowl – Is this necessary? Aren’t there enough things on this planet? Will my contribution, regardless of how elegant (if I’m lucky), make any difference in this beautiful and troubled world?

In order to balance this dilemma I have included political art in my repertoire. My hope is that it will, at least, remain as a footnote to our times. With this in mind, my “prayer” is that the art eventually becomes a reflection of peace, love, tranquility and understanding. May the force be with us.