Welcome to Mud Shed Ceramics soon to be known as Mud Shed Studios

This site is under construction but WILL give you access to the VOTE 2020 Tumbler Store.

The “Gallery” will soon have new works, some of which will also be for sale. Currently there are a few images on the page but the rest of the Gallery is under construction.

For now you can purchase your tumblers at the Tumbler store.

Please note the following:

All tumblers are hand thrown and individual. Please don’t expect perfectly matching sets. Some will be slightly taller, wider, or slightly different in shape. If you order more than one, I will do my best to match the tumblers as closely as possible.

This is a limited edition. I will not be able to make tumblers to order if a color, or size you want isn’t available. 

These tumblers were labor intensive and took three firings to complete. The price points do not take into consideration the labor but do reflect the cost of decals, clay, glazes and firing, as well as the desire to donate an ample amount to the cause. 

50% of the profits will go to the democratic nominee for president. I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that this election is the most critical in our lifetime.

Thank you for donating. I will post the final contribution when all is said and done.